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Kioma Infant Car Seat

Kioma has reimagined what an infant car seat can be, using aerospace carbon fiber to make a feather-light seat weighing 5.5lbs (2.5kg) that still fits an infant up to 18 months old.

The safety features are unequaled. This the first and only infant car seat to provide an integrated roll bar which protects against injuries from drops, caregiver falls, and vehicle collisions. It is also the first and only seat with no moving parts (mechanical failures are a leading cause of infant injury). The next-generation EPE foam also excels in multiple impact collisions.

It is easy to carry with its balanced handle, and the smooth exterior reduces chafing while walking. We also made it easy to clean with removable, water-resistant upholstery, and a smooth interior that does not collect debris.

Finally, the fully cushioned interior keeps the baby cool and comfortable, and the curved bottom makes it easy to rock a baby to sleep.

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