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From the time that the GB Pockit was introduced until now, there have been new additions to the lineup. You’ll find the original GB Pockit All-Terrain, GB Pockit+, GB Pockit Air and GB Pockit All City.

First came the Pockit the most revolutionary travel stroller, the original Pockit changed the name of the game. Bulky big strollers were a thing of the past thanks to the Pockit. When the Pockit + came out GB was trying to improve the original. The Pockit+ had a better canopy and a reclining seat which the original did not have. GB changed the game again when they introduced the Pockit Air which is the regular Pockit but with a more breathable seat and weighs less. Finally they introduced the All-City which features single wheels for much better maneuverability. The Pockit Air and the All City are GB’s most compact strollers to date.

Compare all the GB Pockit strollers down bellow and comment which one is your favorite! All of them are compact and efficient, it’s hard to choose!

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