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Orbit Baby G2 Stroller Frame + Cargo Pod

For families on the go with newborns or toddlers, the Stroller G2 is the ultimate solution for comfortable and easy journeys. Give your child the smoothest ride with our revolutionary QuadShock suspension and conveniently rotate and recline your child in one easy, fluid motion. Part of the only product system that flexes to fit your life, the frame is compatible with all other Orbit Baby car seats and bassinets.
The Orbit toddler seat in the original stroller was just that- A toddler seat. The new Orbit G2 seat will accommodate both newborn and toddler! No need to purchase anything else. If you decide you don't want to go with the Orbit infant seat, just get the Orbit seat and the frame for $750 and have an Orbit stroller that you can use for your newborn and toddler.

Another difference from the last Orbit stroller, is that in addition to being able to rotate your child 360 degrees, you can now tilt the child back and forward. It's called 3D Rotation! There's no other stroller out there with that! One real great change to the Orbit G2 is the really, really compact fold. The new G2 actually has a smaller and more compact fold. Great for fitting into small trunks!
But those are just a few new features. Orbit apparently spent a lot of time listening to its customers and added a ton of new features into the Orbit G2 Stroller.


Foam Tires - No more getting a flat in your air tire while on the road

Quad Shock - There are 4 shock absorbers PER TIRE

Parent Tray + Cup Holder - Comes with a built-in cup holder that holds one big drink and extra space for your keys, cell phone, etc'

Mento Box - The Orbit G2 does not only have us parents in mind, it's also got your child in mind. The new Orbit G2 snack tray for the child has a cover. How awesome. Clip the lid and shut it when your child had enough

Cargo Pod Storage Bag - It can come off with the push of a button and become a tote bag / diaper bag

State-of-the-art Ventilation System The Orbit G2 has a vented back panel that you can zip open for hot days, or zip closed for rainy ones

Expandable - featuring a new hard foot rest that's expandable as your baby grows and handlebars that extend really high for parents of all heights


Includes infant Insert, Snack Tray & Cargo Pod

Weight Ratings - Birth - 40 lbs

Folded Seat + Stroller Frame - 16x16x33 Inches

Stroller Seat & Stroller Frame also sold separately

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