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Nuna Travel Trvl Systems 2018

The Nuna Tavo travel systems are really popular for parents who want to purchase an awesome travel system that includes a great all-around stroller and a perfect car seat. The new Nuna Travel Trvl Systems for 2018 have been seriously upgraded to be more fashionable and to include the new Pipa Lite car seat! Yay!

Exclusive to the new 2018 Tavo travel system is the oversized Sky Smart canopy that provides both extreme coverage and multiple windows for breezes and Vitamin D:) The new Nuna Pipa Lite car seat is included with the new editions. The new Tavo included with this system features a leatherette handlebar that is adjustable. The entire frame is much sleeker and feels sturdier too. The all-weather seat sports breathable mesh for summer days and cosy soft goods for brisk winter walks.

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