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Meet The Mom Reps

Meet the Mom Reps

   Hey Fellow Mom! I love all strollers that we sell, but like for every mom - some are
   better for me than others. After four children, I'm pretty much fluent in the world of
   baby gear and I'd love to help you find what's awesome for your life and your kids,
    so feel free to drop me an email -

 Hi there! Hennie here.
I have two beautiful daughters; ages 4
and 1. I have many
friends and we all
own different strollers
so I feel like I can help each mom with their specific needs & wants
in a stroller. It would
be my pleasure to
help you too -

 I'm a new mom!
I'm so excited to join the team of Mom
Reps at PishPoshBaby. I've been test-driving
all the strollers and trying out all the baby gear for myself. I
know the pros and
cons of each item so I've got a clear idea
of how to help each mom with their needs. Be in touch if you
want advice! -

I am a mom with
loads of experience!
I went through many strollers until I found
the one that worked best for me - and I'm
in love with it! If you need any help of guidance on strollers
& baby products -
give me a call. I'd
love to help you out

  In addition to all of the fun stuff I get to enjoy while working every day, in my “spare time”, I also happen to be a wife and a mother of 5 adorable children. Over the last 11 + years, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and hands on experience about everything baby gear and child rearing. And I’m still learning something new every day.

Pleasure to meet you!
I am the newest member to the
PishPosh Mom Rep Team, and I'm lovin' it! After a few years of working hands-on with every baby product,
I knew exactly what I was going for when
my little princess was finally born. Let me know if you'd like
some tips.

Hello there. I'm Fay.
I have 3 adorable children ranging from
2-9 years. To me, the stroller is the most significant purchase
you make in preparation for a new baby and it should
be done right. I know
all brands cold and I
can definitely point
you in the right direction.
9AM - 6PM